Additional Services

The following services will be performed automatically without prior client contact:

Miscellaneous IRS filings, including forms 5330 excise tax, 5558 extension of time, amended 1099-Rs and IRS/DOL requests for information.
Reallocation of forfeitures to individual accounts.
Reconcile 401(k) and matching contribution discrepancies between processed payroll and plan provisions.
Nondiscrimination testing IRC 401(a) and 410(b) for plans that exclude a class of employees or do not include employees of a controlled/affiliated group.
Code Section 415 calculations for clients who maintain or have maintained both defined benefit and defined contribution plans.
Correction of failed ADP/ACP test (after plan year end).

The following services will be performed as a result of contact with the client, its representative, or an employee:

Consulting for employee-specific needs.
Distribution processing, including help with withholding, consulting with participant, excessive follow-up, paperwork provided at a different time than the valuation, special handling associated with death benefits and QDRO divorce settlements.
Help with establishing or changing investment accounts, insurance transactions.
Projections and/or contribution variations.
Calculation of weighted rate of investment return for plan assets.
Expedited report processing or cost calculations.
Consultations with the accountant for audit of plans with more than 100 participants.
Document interpretation, research, or consulting on administrative procedures.

Loan and hardship distributions may be billed directly to the participant’s account:

Hardship paperwork
Loan paperwork

Other services not outlined above, such as adding amendments, redesigning, researching past data, providing copies of plan documentation, meeting with employees, terminating plans, etc., will be billed as follows:

Record keeping

Note: Fees for services not included in the base fee will be separately itemized on the invoice and will be billed at the time service is rendered or added to the invoice as part of our regular billing process.