Each plan is unique. Yet, each plan must pass certain compliance rules to remain “qualified” in the eyes of the Federal government.

Our process is to combine your uniqueness with the ERISA rules to get you to the final 5500 process with as much efficiency as possible.

  • Collect the census data via our new Secure Client Web Portal.
  • Analyze the data for eligibility, contributions, and vesting.
  • Determine who the HCE’s and Key Employees are.
  • Allocate earnings and forfeitures.
  • Calculate annual contributions and apply any limits.
  • Apply any special conditions for your annual contribution.
  • Prepare a myriad of allocation scenarios for you.
  • Test and correct any non-discrimination tests.
  • Prepare the income statement and balance sheet.
  • Reconcile the contribution record with the record keeper.
  • Calculate any “true-up” calculations.
  • Determine participant vesting.
  • Prepare an Income Statement and Balance Sheet.
  • Prepare the Summary Annual Report.
  • Prepare the plan for audit, if necessary.
  • Prepare the 5500 and submit on your behalf.

Transactional Services

  • Distribution Processing
  • Loan Processing
  • QDRO Processing
  • Hardship Processing

Additional Services

  • Plan terminations and mergers
  • Plan design studies using non-traditional contribution formulas
  • Preparation of corrective actions, excises taxes, and submission to IRS or DOL
  • Prepare a plan for IRA audits and DOL examinations
  • Represent the plan sponsor at audit or examination

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