TPA Consultation

We offer an introductory, no obligation, no cost meeting where we will evaluate your plan design and support needs. We will gather enough data to illustrate how to best design a plan to benefit you and your hard-working employees.

Employer Services

Retirement plan expertise and experience that benefits you by reducing your administrative headaches and lowering your taxes while seeking to create and design a plan that actually prepares your employees for retirement.

Services Include:

If you like our ideas, then we can discuss a permanent arrangement to be your TPA.

Focusing on 401(k) Third Party Administration in the following areas:

  • Review the PPA plan document to coordinate outlined record keeping services with its provisions.
  • Request current employee census and payroll data from the employer, accountant or payroll service. Determine eligibility from census data form.
  • Calculate service from census data provided.
  • Calculate age for plans in which it is a factor in funding.
  • Prepare contribution calculations.
  • Calculate employer deductible limits and defined contribution or defined benefit individual limits.
  • Allocate contributions and earnings.
  • Provide beneficiary designation form and spousal waiver form where applicable.
  • Maintain a listing of beneficiary designations from copies of forms provided by the employer for our files.
  • Meet with the employer to review the annual report.
  • Calculate Code Section 415 calculations and plan limitations for like plans (defined contribution or defined benefit).

Annual Services including:

  • Maintain vesting records.
  • Prepare a summary of assets based on the information provided by the trustee or other fiduciary.
  • Balance the allocation schedule (contributions, earnings, and ending asset values) to the financial data provided by a trustee or other fiduciary.
  • Prepare From and Summary 5500 Annual Report (SAR)
  • Apply family attribution rules based on information provided by the employer.
  • Determine key and highly compensated employees based on information provided by the employer.
  • Calculate top-heavy status based on available data.
  • Monitor discrimination test for 401(k) plans and prepare corrective measures prior to year end.
  • Apply 410(b) ratio percentage test for plans that exclude employees with fewer than 1,000 hours of service or the last day of the plan year not employed.


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