Long-Term, Part-Time Overview for 2024

September 11, 2023

For part-time workers, saving for retirement can be a challenge. Many part-time employees are often excluded from 401(k) plans because they often don’t meet the plan’s eligibility requirements. This Long-Term Part-Time Overview for 2024 includes many students, parents and individuals with multiple part-time jobs. However, new legislation that goes into effect on January 1, 2024, […]


Total Rewards Program: Unlock Employee Potential

August 21, 2023

designed image employees working together total rewards

Unlock Employee Potential with an Effective and Appealing Total Rewards Program! You may have heard of a Total Rewards Strategy. It is a recruiting and retention strategy given that it goes beyond the traditional salary benefits by providing holistic rewards that entail added motivation for employees. This strategy allows companies to improve employee satisfaction without […]


SECURE Act 2.0: What 401(k) Managers Need to Know for 2024

August 14, 2023

designed image bird secure act

SECURE Act Required for 2024 Luckily, the SECURE Act required changes for 2024 are minimal. Requirement Summary Long-term, part-time employees become eligible to participate in the 401(k) plan. Catch-up contributions are required to be Roth if the participant earns more than $145,000 in W-2 compensation. Long-term, Part-time Employees As part of SECURE 1.0, there is […]


Automatic Safe Harbor IRA: Should You Add One to Your Plan?

July 24, 2023

designed image dock bridge safe harbor ira

High employee turnover could lead to a rise in small 401(k) accounts. Explore how adding a Safe Harbor IRA provision to your plan may help reduce plan costs and potential fiduciary risks.   In 2022, more than 50 million Americans left their jobs and in the last two years, there has been record-breaking employee turnover.[1]  […]


Employee Education: Money Management Check Up

July 17, 2023

designed image writing notes employee education

Employee education has become increasingly important in today’s job market. Workers are looking to their employers for financial wellness resources. By providing financial education to your employees, you’ll be helping them build the skills they need to help manage their finances and plan for the future. This can lead to greater job satisfaction and loyalty, […]


How Can Our 401(k) Plan Help Us Attract and Retain Star Employees?

July 10, 2023

designed image employees talking attract and retain

With thoughtful design features, you can structure a 401(k) plan that stands out in a time of talent scarcity and meets your employees’ needs. Keep reading to learn how to attract and retain star employees with a 401(k) plan.   Looking to attract and retain high-quality talent in today’s competitive labor market? Enhancing your 401(k) […]


Q2 2023 Newsletter: Employee Engagement Edition

June 5, 2023

More and more employers are becoming aware of the positive impact of financial wellness. A well crafted financial wellness program can provide employees with the knowledge and tools to understand why, when and how to achieve savings success. Before starting a program, it’s important to understand the implications of financial stress in the workplace, how […]


How Much is Employee Stress Costing You?

May 22, 2023

A financial wellness program can help protect your company from the negative effects of financial stress. Your company’s bottom line can be impacted by the high cost of turnovers, as well as silent quitting behaviors such by minimal effort and enthusiasm. But with a proactive approach to managing finances through the implementation of a financial […]


Q2 2023 Employee Newsletter: Retirement Savings and Milestones

April 17, 2023

No matter where your employees are in their career, there is still time to set goals for finances and retirement! Whether they are early-career, mid-career or late-career, a few key tips can avoid common pitfalls and align goals with savings benchmarks. Share the new Q2 Employee Newsletter: Goal Setting Edition with your employees. Download the […]


Investment Committee Checklist

February 20, 2023

Investment committees are the backbone of the retirement plan and participants’ success, both in the fiduciary process and financial wellbeing. There’s plenty to cover in a committee meeting so help formalize your plan’s foundation with this helpful checklist for an efficient and effective meeting. Download the Checklist   This information was developed as a general […]


2023 Compliance Calendar

January 23, 2023

Stay ahead of deadlines with help from our annual Compliance Calendar. If you have any questions about deadlines or information requested, please contact us to review today! DOWNLOAD THE CALENDAR


Fiduciary Best Practices: Why Investment Oversight is Important for 401(k) Committees

January 23, 2023

Selecting and monitoring investment options for your company’s retirement plan is just one part of your fiduciary responsibility. How do you evaluate, benchmark and assess your plan and what other expertise or protection should you consider?   An investment committee has a lot of responsibilities, including selecting and monitoring the investment options for the retirement […]


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