Automatic Features to Help Boost Participation and Savings Rates

July 1, 2019

The use of auto features in 401(k) plans has continued to climb in popularity over the past decade. In fact, auto features such as automatic enrollment and auto-escalation are considered best practices in 401(k) plan design as ways to help boost participation and employee savings rates.1 Many large 401(k) retirement plans offer auto features. However, […]

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Share Class ABCs: Choose Wisely

April 19, 2019

Share Class ABCs: Choose Wisely Choosing mutual funds for your retirement plan’s investment lineup can feel like wading through a sea of alphabet soup. Fund companies typically offer multiple share classes, each sporting its own unique letter. A shares, C shares, I shares, R shares — what does it all mean? Luckily, you don’t have […]

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Four Tips to Boost Your Employees’ Retirement Outlook

March 26, 2019

As many employees look ahead to retirement, 47% of workers feel somewhat confident that they’ll have enough money saved to retire on time and then live comfortably.1 However, forward-thinking employers have the ability to help their employees work toward a confident and happy retirement. According to the 2018 Retirement Confidence Survey from the Employee Benefit […]

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Risky Business: Why Plan Governance Matters

February 12, 2019

Participant-driven lawsuits are on the rise, and employers are facing heightened scrutiny of the way they manage their retirement plans. In today’s continually-evolving regulatory and legal environment, it’s more important than ever to make sure your organization’s retirement plan is both effective and compliant. A well-structured retirement plan governance program can help you pursue these […]

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NEBSTPA Presents ERISA Update: New Conflict of Interest Regulations

June 13, 2018

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What does it really take to retire?

December 5, 2017

As a plan sponsor, your employees rely heavily on your guidance; after all, you manage the plan that may offer their best shot at a successful retirement. When the 401(k) plan was introduced in the mid-80s, it was not intended as a standalone solution.

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Your Mid-year 401(k) Plan Check-up and Tune-up

November 4, 2017

As we round the corner to 2018, I can’t help but wonder, where did the year go? It feels like January and New Year’s resolutions were just yesterday. Alas, those days have come and gone, and the “next” New Year is only a few months ahead. This means now is the time to focus on […]

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Evaluating Your Fiduciary Process

October 7, 2017

Believe it or not, an efficient retirement plan committee does not happen by chance. The “best practices” your committee upholds form the foundation for a prudent process creating an opportunity for employees to pursue their retirement goals. Companies of any size can benefit from a consistent process and should consider implementing a few of the […]

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September 25, 2017

Retirement plans come in all shapes and sizes: DC Plans, DB Plans, Non-Qual, 401(k), 403(b), 401(a), 457, SEP IRA, Simple IRA, Roth IRA, Cash Balance, HSA… and any other number letter combinations that you can think of. The simple truth is that there is no one-size-fits-all version of a retirement plan; and as a plan […]

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Understanding Corrective Distributions

August 4, 2017

Money Back is Good, Right? Refunds can be great if you are referring to tax returns or money back from an unsatisfied purchase. However, when it comes to your company’s retirement plan, refunds or corrective distributions are red flags indicating a deeper problem. They can be an administrative nightmare for plan sponsors and cause undue […]

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Benchmarking Your Company’s Financial Wellness

June 6, 2017

Financial wellness is more than just a buzzword or a “feel-good” benefit: when effectively implemented, it can be a powerful tool to help employees take control of their financial lives and help your company reach organizational goals. This article will share insights on program partners and workplace benefits, as well as benchmarking tips and strategies […]

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Are Auto Features The Future Of 401(K)?

May 7, 2017

Everything these days seems to be automated from reminders for doctors’ appointments to bill paying, to (something clever). And why not?! Automation is the future, but does this apply to retirement planning as well? Auto-features are gaining traction and participants are more open to them than originally expected. A 2016 survey by American Century found […]

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